sharp as a tack and twice as quick (juleskicks) wrote in weekend_battle,
sharp as a tack and twice as quick

Week 2 Prompt

Okay, apologies for the weirdness (eg, the lack of any challenge last weekend and the lateness of this one -- again, we'll go until Tuesday; in fact, maybe I'll just make it Friday through Tuesday instead of Thursday through Monday).

This week's challenge: haiku ficlets!

The haiku is a Japanese poetic form which is, most simply, three lines: the first five syllables, the second seven, and the third five. Further, however, the haiku contains seasonal words -- not necessarily just the names of the four seasons, but clues which give the time away (harvest, blossoms, snow, cicadas, for example). The focus is on sensory experience -- there is rarely, if ever, abstract language in a haiku.

The haiku ficlet has the same rules for content -- concrete sensory imagery rather than abstract references to emotions or concepts, seasonal clues. It's structured as three paragraphs: the first fifty words, the second seventy, and the third fifty.

Have fun!
Tags: prompts, week 2
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