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weekend_battle's Journal

Weekend Fic(let) Battles
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Yes, it's another damn challenge community. And here's how it works.

Every Thursday, a prompt post will go up. Members have until 11:59 PM EST the following Monday to write as many ficlets as they feel compelled to. These can be in any fandom(s), of any rating and any pairing they desire. The only limit is to the length -- the ficlet must be short enough to fit into one comment.

That's it.

There may, on special occasions, be restrictions as to content -- a certain fandom, perhaps, or an all f/f weekend, etc. But unless otherwise noted, assume that anything goes.

With regards to formatting, the only thing that needs to be included is the fandom and a rating (preferably 'All-Teen-Adult' or MPAA); these can be included in the subject line of the comment.